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Does Nobody Remember the LA Riots?

A man tried to rob an Asian owned watch store by getting up from his wheelchair and pulling a gun? Really?

Do you really try this at an Asian owned business in California? I mean, I remember the LA riots and the last place I'm thinking about is a store owned by an Asian. When people will take to the roof with a rifle or the street with a handgun they sure as hell aren't taking crap from me.

And, as could be expected, the owner came out and shot him in the head. Perhaps the suspect should remember that those who fail to study history are doomed to repeat it.

That said, I give the guy with a bullet in the head credit for trying to pull an Omar:

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Posted By: Jason
08/02/12 11:18 PM

A happy little follow up article:

The short version: “Two people entered my shop, one of them was on a wheelchair. At first, a robber pointed his gun at my adopted daughter. After hearing shouts from other people, I and another daughter held two guns and stood in two different corners, pointing our guns at the armed robber and ordered him three times to drop his gun.”

And Mr Tan's opinion on gun control: “I think everyone has a right to use guns at home or outside. If you are not allowed to bring a gun outside, you should not. But in my opinion, everybody must be armed with a gun to defend themselves or to protect their family, employees, and customers”